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Welcome to the New Garden Cities Alliance

We are an alliance of organisations – commercial and not-for-profit – and as well as individuals – dedicated to promote the formation of new, genuine Garden Cities.

Our aim is to work in partnership with existing bodies to establish standards for Garden Cities that Britain can be proud of. Also to establish exemplars for an environmentally sustainable society that promotes the wellbeing of all citizens.

In particular we wish to set minimum standards for Garden Cities:

1. Being applied to establish new settlements or for transforming existing urban precincts;
2. To integrate the design of their invisible architecture of ownership, control and funding with their visible architecture to promote the common good;
3. That requires mutual ownership of all land to capture and share its value on negotiable basis with all residents be they homeowners or tenants;
4. To attracts investors, entrepreneurs, established and new businesses to add value to the community on basis that equitably shares any profits in excess of the incentive to invest;
5. With the capacity to become largely self-reliant in regards to the basic needs of its residents for water, food and energy and value adding activities to sustain citizen prosperity in perpetuity;
6. That inspires citizens, leaders, community groups, planners, architects and all other stakeholders to work together to a common vision of an ecologically sustainable, fair and equitable society.

The New Garden Cities Alliance has been tasked by the signatories of the Letchworth Garden City Declaration to create a movement and organise the consensus to setup the mechanisms so that an agreed definition of what a Garden City is can take root and we can give new settlements the confidence to call themselves ‘Garden Cities’ if they meet a set of agreed social, planning and architectural criteria.

Support our campaign by signing the Letchworth Declaration here: https://gardencities.info/the-letchworth-declaration with the option of explaining how you and/or your organisation might like to get involved in the formation and management of the Alliance – here: https://gardencities.info/organisation.

There is no joining fee.

London, November 2014

Founding members are:

Leander Bindewald
Ciprian Danciu
Thomas-Emanuel Hoepfner
Michael Mainelli
Philip Ross
Josh Ryan-Collins
Shann Turnbull
Elizabeth Wrigley

Founding directors are:

Pat Conaty – Convenor of Letchworth meetings in 2013 & 2014.
Thomas-Emanuel Hoepfner – Registrant on May 30th 2014 with DCLG to facilitate “Community-led” Garden Cities.
Philip Ross – Former Mayor of Letchworth and Founding Chair of NGCA.


NEW GARDEN CITIES ALLIANCE – Community Interest Company


contact us at: hello@gardencities.org.uk

We’re registered in England at 113 Guinness Court, Snowsfields, London SE1 3TA (company number 09182187).

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